28.Aug 2016
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Portada News Manuel Zelaya: Wikileaks confirms US knowledge of coup and puts Obama in a bind

Manuel Zelaya: Wikileaks confirms US knowledge of coup and puts Obama in a bind

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Tegucigalpa. November 29, 2010. The cable revealed by Wikileaks sent to Washington by US ambassador in Tegucigalpa, Hugo Lorens, “Is a revelation that the United States was very aware of the coup d’etat and puts the Obama administration in a serious bind” assures expatriate Honduran president Manuel Zelaya.

“This is a document that will be useful to us for punishing the coup-mongers and for setting precedents to avoid coups d’etat in courts where the perpetrator is being sued--the ICC [International Criminal Court] and the IHRC [Inter-American Human Rights Commission],” announced Zelaya, who is also the General Coordinator of the National Popular Resistance Front (FNRP).

The Coordinator of the Resistance employed the popular adage “in the face of a confession, no further evidence is necessary” to explain that “It is evident that the United States was complicit, knew beforehand about the planning and execution of the coup and kept silent, and had detailed knowledge of the subsequent events.

Similarly, he posited that the cable revealed by the Wikileaks project “reveals the plot hatched against democracy that delegitimizes the current regime.  We are now clear that they always knew the truth” Zelaya underscored.

This, in the opinion of the expatriated president, is an “urgent” reason for the uncovered document to be published and denounced before all the Honduran people, necessitating a “struggle against this adversary we neither sought nor provoked.”

The United States must become part of the solution

Zelaya considers that US interference in the internal affairs of Honduras, “which we had already clearly denounced,” is confirmed by the document divulged by Wikileaks, reinforcing the moral imperative to demand that the US stop the violence it promotes in the country, and that, just as it snatched away dreams of democracy, it “immediately become part of the solution, promote the punishment of criminals and reparations to the victims.  Nothing else is acceptable.”

The General Coordinator of the FNRP criticizes as illogical US conduct that “supports a dictator to hold elections and, currently, says nothing about the impunity of coup-supporters and associates with them as it tries to whitewash the coup d’état.”

If the position revealed by Wikileaks was the opinion of the United States, “Why did Secretary Clinton and Obama support the elections with the dictator and why are they now whitewashing the coup?” asks Zelaya.

Currently, in Honduras, with the support of the United States, the material and intellectual actors behind the coup are protected, as are human rights violators,” he affirmed.

If Obama and Clinton know that the CIA and the Pentagon are implicated in the coup d’etat in Honduras, that the repression continues, human rights violations continue, murders of journalists, campesinos, and members of the resistance continue “why do they keep silent and promote forgetting all the misdeeds committed by the killers turned dictators?” Zelaya demands.

The coordinator of the FNRP considers it “paradoxical” that the United States recognizes the crime and “that I was overthrown, but says nothing about the persecution by the coup-mongers of the 187 exiles, nor about the awards bestowed upon the dictator Micheletti [de facto coup leader]”.

This article was translated by JR from Manuel Zelaya:Wikileaks confirma Estados Unidos conocía Golpe y pone en aprietos a Obama




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