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Portada News Honduras: LIBRE Party, the new struggle instrument of the Resistance

Honduras: LIBRE Party, the new struggle instrument of the Resistance

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Tegucigalpa. October 30, 2011. After 2 weeks of hard work to obtain signatures and the constitutive documents, the National Front of People's Resistance (FNRP) presented on Sunday, before the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, over 81 thousand signatures and other documents supporting the request for the inscription of the political instrument, the Freedom and Refoundation Party (LIBRE).

Thousands of supporters and activists of the FNRP gathered outside the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to support the presentation of the documents, which as well as signatures also include: the Declaration of Principles, Statutes, Political Work Plan, Charter, municipal, departmental and national structures of LIBRE.

Inside the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, the National Coordination of the FNRP through the General Coordinator, Manuel Zelaya, undertook formal delivery of the documents, which was received by the magistrates of the electoral body, who after a formal ceremony, received the documents.

Zelaya said in his speech that "it is my duty to inform the society and representatives of the State of Honduras present here, that the Honduran people have started from the grass roots, a very strong, democratic, diverse and participatory movement, that will not be stopped, will not spare any effort to achieve the freedom of this country and the Refoundation of Honduras which is one of our principle intentions, in order to achieve justice that the Honduran people demand and deserve", he added that this event marks the end of the political traditionalism, "we are entering a new era, we are opening a new era of democracy, of democratic socialism for the Honduran people and this new era has a name: Freedom and Refoundation Party, LIBERTAD" he concluded.

Meanwhile Juan Barahona, Deputy Coordinator of LIBRE and the FNRP said that it "is the will of the Honduran people since June 28, 2009, when the Coup d'Etat was undertaken, we await the positive response of the magistrates of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, giving us legal recognition, because we have fulfilled all legal requirements that the law demands".

Meanwhile, the union leader and member of the National Coordination of the FNRP, Carlos H. Reyes, said that this act fulfills the mandate of the Assembly on June 26 this year and emphasized that any victory by LIBRE will not work if the FNRP is not strengthened, the movement which forms the basis of the country's transformation"...If the FNRP is not strong, LIBRE will be of no use if we win, because we already have the experience of the military coup against a constitutionally elected President who had his party to support him"... closing his speech with cries for Morazán, Bolivar, Honduras and Latin America.

From this moment as established by law, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal will have 20 days for the cross-examination of signatures with the  National Electoral Census and then 60 days for all municipalities, in order that citizens can review and if applicable, claim the misuse of their name. During this time the Supreme Electoral Tribunal will review and decide if the documentation meets the requirements of law, so it is expected that a maximum of 100 days will be needed for a formal decision on whether or not to accept the registration of the LIBRE Party.


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¡El Pueblo No se Rinde!

1. Convocatoria a la Asamblea

2. Agenda propuesta de la Asamblea

3. Listado de orgnizaciones acreditadas a la Asamblea

4. Conformacioń de delegados departamentales y municipales.

5. Descripción de la forma de acreditación de nuevas organizaciones.

6. Acuerdos vigentes de Asambleas del FNRP.

7. Reglamentos de Asamblesas del FNRP

8. Formularios de inscripción de prensa

9. Lugar de realización de la asamblea.

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